Racist conservative Ramzpaul compares fighting COVID-19 to sacrificing virgins


Ramzpaul has been part of the Alt-Right/paleo-conservative/American-nationalist scene for many years and his milquetoast approach has no doubt been a gateway for quite a few people who are not psychotic drug using rape-happy Weinstein-defending groomer HarvNats.

Sadly it seems Ramzpaul is losing his mind and is becoming increasingly incoherent and bizarre under the Corona-crisis, going from denying it even happened to angry tweeting it was destroying the economy and the panic was way overblown into arguing the virus wasn’t that bad and only would kill people who already have an underlying disease or the elderly. It is quite interesting as he is more or less following the first 3 stages in Kübler-Ross grief model. This is not unique to Ramzpaul, as many Twitter pundits as well as their followers, mostly conservative-leaning & Trump supporters, are refusing to accept the gravity of the situation.

The Kübler-Ross grief model.

It seems Ramzpaul’s state of mind is deteriorating fast, so much so he is taking jabs at his Happy Homelands co-host Tiina Wiik. For those who don’t know Tiina Wiik is a lovely & sweet woman who has done a lot to expose how corrupt & anti-Finnish the system is in Finland, forcing the Finnish authorities to admit a migrant rape problem existed, something they denied in the first place.

Ramzpaul has dug himself into a hole and is now comparing taking steps to combat the Corona-virus to sacrificing virgins in a bygone age. It seems losing your 401k can have a severe impact on your mental stability.

Ramzpaul goes into the deep end

Ramzpaul doesn’t deserve to lose his mind like this, but his erratic mental state puts other people in danger and he should either be ignored or told to stop tweeting. Pray for him and his mental recovery.


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