Commander Irusk: Don’t get baited into the night


Supreme Kommandant Irusk recently had a tweet storm and tells his story when he got manipulated into supporting the Afghanistan & Iraq war after 9/11 and ask you not to be baited again.

If you find yourself tempted to retweet something liberal-triggering written by:
A.) Charlie Kirk
B.) Donald Trump Jr.
C.) Ben Shapiro

you should stop, and ask yourself: am I being emotionally manipulated into rallying around such Zionist pond scum?
I get that people are scared and angry.

I’m scared too.

I live close to a major city that’s getting slammed hard with the virus. My blood type makes me even more vulnerable.

But I’m not going to let the J-Right exploit my fear and anger.
I let that happen in 2001 during the 9/11 attack. I was horrified to see the Twin Towers, something I had passed by frequently while traversing the Whitestone bridge to Long Island, go down in flames.

I was angry. I wanted retribution. I became a neoconservative.
My anger lasted long enough that I supported the American invasion of Afghanistan as well as the earlier stages of the build up to the Iraq War.

I likely would have remained a neocon if it wasn’t for David Frum’s article denouncing rogue paleocons that opened a rabbit hole.
I don’t have a crystal ball. I don’t know where this pandemic is going to lead to. Maybe everything will go back to normal, but honestly, after following politics for over 20 years, I highly doubt it.

The train towards the “End of History” has continued unabated.
All I ask is for my WN brothers and sisters to think critically. Read between the lines. Don’t fixate on the stupid memes, clickbait headlines, and triggering tweets. Look at the big picture.

I hope Americans don’t give ZOG the green light to commit even greater evil.


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