The end of the racist dog-whistle


The Senate race in California is heating up. Patrick Little, a white advocate, is running against Diane Feinstein to dislodge the long-standing Jewish Senator from her Democratic one-party state Senate seat.

The nonpartisan blanket primary system in California means that only two candidates will be running in the general election, the candidate that received the highest number of primary votes, and the candidate with the second highest number of primary votes, who then face off against each other in the general election. In the context of the California Democratic one-party state, this often means that two democrats face each other in the general election.

Patrick Little needs about 200,000 votes to face Diane Feinstein in the general election. If he gets the votes, then he will have a megaphone to get his ideas heard by the public.

Patrick Little is running an unconventional campaign. With no wealthy donors and opposition by the Republican party itself, Little is running a guerrilla political campaign with internet anons putting up flyers for him and making propaganda, somewhat like the presidential campaigns of Ron Paul. For a white advocacy candidate, he is also unconventional. Unlike the campaigns of previous pro-white candidates, he is not myopically focused on the needs of white people who are not of sufficient numbers to get him elected in California, he is openly courting the votes of non-whites in California by openly giving voice to their racial grievances.

Patrick Little is pursuing the Asian vote by promising to abolish Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action hits Asians particularly hard in Ivy League university admissions where better qualified Asians are eschewed in favour of Jews and others. While Asian politicians exist, they have failed to adequately give voice to these racial grievances because they have become ‘Uncle Chans’ for the Democratic Party.

Patrick Little also seeks Black voter support, promising Black people reparations for slavery, to be paid by the ethnic group most responsible for slavery in America — Jewish Americans. Jewish Americans owned the slave markets, Little says, and points to the fact that the slave markets were closed on Saturday, the Jewish shabbat, and not Sunday as proof of his assertion.

Patrick Little also claims Hispanic supporters, saying that many Hispanics are supporters of his ‘counter-semitic’ policies.

What Patrick Little is doing is taking identity politics to its logical end-point. This could portend the end of racist dog-whistles like talk of “law and order”, “good schools” or “welfare queens” in exchange for the open airing of racial grievances and open demands for resources and power. What Patrick Little has grasped is that in a multi-racial society, all politics is identity politics. Unlike cuckservative politicians, Patrick Little looks at identity politics and demands reciprocity, pointing his finger at the masters of identity politics and its primary beneficiaries, Jewish Americans.

Whatever one might think of Patrick Little’s campaign, this is the future of politics in America. The ‘coalition of the fringes’ is coming apart at the seams and White Americans want their share of the loot.

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